Check out our new Maths Quiz app…

We’ve published a new app on the Play store- this one is aimed at primary school children practicing arithmetic. One of the devs here made it for his daughter (who helped with the colour-scheme and launcher icon) as a fun way of getting her to practice her times tables and what-have-you, and we wanted to share.

  • Practice times-tables, and division questions up to multiples of 12.
  • Adding and subtracting number quizzes of various difficulties.
  • Collect the trophies, and see them in your trophy cabinet!
  • If you need to move between devices, you can use the “Trophy Code” feature to take your progress with you.
  • No ads, no charge, completely free from us.
  • Completely private, no data is kept anywhere except within the app, and on your own device.

Download, enjoy, rate on the app store, let us know what you think!

Icon for the app quiz
Maths Quiz Icon

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