Another Aviation App!

We recently added another app to our portfolio, and we’re really excited about it.  Global Crosswind Calculator is a crosswind calculation app (duh!), but with a difference.

We’ve included a worldwide database of airports and runways, making it easy to accurately account for magnetic variation.  That’s not something that’s a big problem in some parts of the world (hello, UK!), but is a significant effect in many others.

For example, if you’re planning on using Gander / CYQX as an alternate for your transatlantic trip, a variation of 18 degrees west could easily change your determination of runway in use, or even a limiting cross or tailwind.

As well as the (unique?) magvar features, the app allows the user to calculate max head / tail / cross winds in varying conditions, as well as gusts.

As if that were not enough, we’ve also included a tool to calculate heading, groundspeed and elapsed time for navigation legs given planned track, wind, TAS and (optionally) distance.

We believe that this is the best app of its type on the market, and it’s priced to sell!  Check us out on the market here.


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