I'm Charlie.

a programmer.



I am a web developer, coder and pilot. I like strolling up hills and playing video games. I'm laughably bad at tennis, and joyfully hopeless at the piano. I live in a pleasantly leafy suburb of Greater Manchester.

My Skills.

Aeroplane image

Flying things

Since gaining my Commercial Pilot's Licence in 2003, I have racked up around 8,000 hours in aircraft including the Fokker 50 and the giant Boeing 747. But as it turns out, being able to fly stuff isn't that useful a skill during a pandemic. Who knew? That's why I decided to branch out a bit.

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As a keen computerist since around the time Sir Clive Sinclair brought the ZX Spectrum to market, I have literally decades of experience as a programmer. From BASIC, Pascal and FORTRAN 77, to Java, Android, HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript and more... coding is kind of my thing.

Get In Touch

Can I help you?

Perhaps I could make a neat new website for your business. Or perhaps you'd like one for a special event, like a wedding? Prices are lower than you might think, and you can have a new site in just a few days.

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