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Hosting is how your website is published and available to the internet. It is vital- without it, your site is just a collection of files visible only to you.

We're pleased to offer hosting for sites we create, at a discounted rate of £50 for the first year. Our service includes:

  • Domain registration or transfer*
  • Connection to an email service provider of your choice
  • SSL Encryption
  • Faster page loading and security with Cloudflare
  • Contact form mailer

* Price may vary depending on your preferred domain name. We'll talk you through your options, and find something that works for you.

Prefer to self-host?

If you want to look after your own hosting, no problem. We recommend (and use ourselves) Hostinger. They're reliable, with a user-friendly interface, and helpful technical support.

We can also help with hosting for your existing site. Please get in touch for a quote.

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Terms and Conditions

Our hosting service comes with some terms that you should be aware of:

We rely on a third-party supplier for services, and are bound by their terms. You can read them here:

We make every reasonable effort to ensure that your hosting service is available. However, a service interruption is always possible. Pro-rata refunds are available for any period of downtime exceeding one day.

Your hosting contract term begins when the domain registration is submitted. Your website will be live once the registration is complete, which usually takes between 24 and 72 hours.

We need a contact at your business, the business name, address, email and phone number for the domain registration.


We provide connection of your domain to an email service provider of your choice. We will need information from you about your email provider to get this working, and will guide you through the process of getting this working.


The annual package includes domain registration. As domains are renewed annually, it is important that you inform us in advance whether you wish to continue your service. We will endeavour to contact you in advance to remind you. If we don't hear from you, we may have to let your domain registration expire.

If you choose not to renew your hosting services with us, we will assist with providing your secret key for domain transfer if you wish. Should you need this service, it is important that you contact us at least one week before your domain registration expires.

Services to hosting clients

We're happy to offer three editorial changes (eg changes to text, replacement of an image) per annum. Extra editorial changes are charged at the prevailing rate (please see our pricing section for details). More complicated changes can be accommodated, please ask for a quote.